Relocation Services

Trough an extensive contact net of private landlords Indica can help customers find nice, cheap and furnished apartments in the Stockholm region. If the customer has any special preferences (for example proximity to office) we will take that into consideration and suggest suitable options. We not only find and finalise the apartments, but we also help with the contract signing since the contracts are usually written in Swedish.

Please find a list of available apartments below. This document will be updated several times per week. Many of the available apartments can be viewed through digital photos.

There may be apartments that are available but not mentioned in the list above so the best thing is to mail us your requiremens. That will help us to search for accomodation that suits your specific requirements. Please fill the template out as thoroughly as possible and mail it to There is a “requirements template” below which can be downloaded.

Because many of our Relocation Services-customers are from abroad, we will offer them a complimentary “Welcome to Sweden-Kit” within a near future.